Innovation from the
perspective of game

We proudly present our brand-new DEMORPHING® collection.
The breath-taking result of an enthusiastic research and development process opens up a completely new dimension for hunting.


The growing number of hunting enthusiasts in all international hunting grounds shows that hunting has long since become one of the most exciting adventures and a performative lifestyle for any generation. The spirit of research is in the blood of our team from X JAGD, so this time we have preoccupied ourselves with the core needs of hunters and devoted our efforts to the advantageous function of “invisibility”.

As enthusiastic hunters, conventional camouflage patterns could only inadequately satisfy us. So we asked ourselves the ambitious question regarding how optical camouflage revolutionises hunting. With DEMORPHING® we have been able to decipher the perceptual physiology of wild game and achieve breath-taking results featuring the utmost innovative character. We are starting in a new era of hunting with a cleverly thought-out collection for any international and domestic hunting ground.

DEMORPHING® opens up
new dimensions of hunting.

The new DEMORPHING® collection cancels out the laws of perception and provides hunters with unimaginable opportunities: a surface structure which optically dissolves the hunter in their environment has been developed with our “DEMORPHING® camouflage”.


Nature has provided wild game with warning  functions on several sensory levels. Visual  perception is expressed differently in comparison with the human eye. This is why visual camouflage is the important factor for hunting. The breath-taking effect of our “DEMORPHING® camouflage” has an effect on various species.

Up to now perceptual research was aware of three dimensions in order to arrange camouflage patterns: form, colour and space. But the DEMORPHING® collection creates the complete dissolution of the hunter. DEMORPHING® adds the factors time and motion to the basic components form, colour and shape, and thereby creates the “DEMORPHING®” principle (form dissolution). It is the decisive advantage over the perceptual behaviour of wild game.  The DEMORPHING® principle